What I am doing now

(This page is about the things I am building right now. It is not bragging about the cool stuff I did in the past, nor about the performances/talks that are coming up. The idea is, that if the stuff I am doing now resonates with you, get in touch.)

Music and Health

For the Karajan Institute, I am working on a new idea to help elderly people and their relatives use music for improving their health. Music is so powerful and yet we do not make use of it more often in our lives. Let’s change that!

Matters.Global: A Graph of Unsolved Problems

Wouldn’t it be cool to know all of the problems of all people at any given moment? With matters.global we are aiming to building just that. This is an initiative of Sonophilia Foundation, a non-profit my wife and I founded.

The Mapsmap Challenge

Could we be making more progress, faster? Are there wicked problems that, when defined and solved, are “unlocks” for humanity’s next steps? Let’s find out! Sonophilia Foundation, Ocean Protocol, Foresight Institute and Planetary Holdings have teamed up to sponsor this $30K challenge. More information here.

Beethoven AI – Beethoven X

After a fabulous first (and second) performance of our Beethoven AI we are now working on bringing the technology to more places and artists! If you are musician, what would you do with your personal music AI (or our Beethoven AI for that matter?)

Drawing and Painting

I started drawing when I was little, but the thing I never learnt was drawing perspective. I am learning that now with a fabulous teacher in Salzburg. And I also spent some time with my fellow Sonophilian and friend Roman Lipski to make progress in painting. Whenever I have some free time you find me covered in paint 😉


I have been living in Salzburg, Austria for the past ten years. I do business mostly in Europe (Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Vienna) but also a bit to the East Coast of the US and Turkey.